Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

October 2014

"Summer is officially over..." is how I started last month's letter, and as I sit in the offices of Ken Owen on Drums ™ with the blinds drawn and a desk fan whirling away to help me escape the 'Indian Summer Gone Mad' temperatures in the Bay Area, I realize my career choice of musician over meteorologist has been validated.

There is never, ever, a better place to be than San Francisco in October: the weather is (usually!) perfect, we have two of the world's greatest festivals in Hardly Strickly and The Bridge Concerts, and we have football and playoff baseball. We be mucho lucky, y'all.

Check this month's calendar page for a list of the usual suspects including Randy Craig's Wednesday night jazz sessions at The Marsh in Berkeley, and my long-awaited return (for me, at least!) to Farley's San Francisco with The Soul Delights (they couldn't get rid of me that easily).

Hope to see you out and about supporting live music!



                    Picture of The Month

         "This Is Not My Beautiful Wife!"
                   Ken Owen with an unknown fan
                     Volcano, CA September 2014