Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

July 2014

News Alert: In a recent landmark ruling by the slimmest of margins, the Board of Directors of Ken Owen on Drums™ has voted to require all good citizens to attend a minimum of 3 live music performances per month unless it conflicts with their closely held mystic belief system. Failure to comply with the new ruling could result in a tax (not a fine) of one tip jar donation and one adult beverage of choice to any employee of Ken Owen on Drums per month. Reports of NSA employees monitoring live music performances for compliance have not been substantiated. 

To help citizens comply with the new ruling, please check the calendar page of your local musician web sites for live music near you.



                    Picture of The Month

               "Drummer Seeking Livable Wage"
                    Ken Owen with Misisipi Mike and Friends
                       Pier 23, San Francisco, June 2014
                                      Photo by Marlene Aron