Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

Summer 2016

"Forgive me for I have sinned. It has been 11 months since my last confession."

Yes friends, it has been almost one year since we here at Ken Owen on Drums™ had the time, energy, and inspiration to come up with a clever bit of monthly brain-chatter to grace this page. As you may remember, back in July The Universe provided us 40 hours a week of daytime employment to help subsidize our bad habits while also paying for the results of our questionable behavior, and we accepted without question. Working both day and night 7 days a week while trying to remember what hat to bring to what gig, we've been able to chase more than a few bounty collectors from our door. The office shades are now up, and the landlord is smiling at us again when we pass her in the hallway. There is room again to wiggle!

But all good things must come to an end, and the Silly Cone Valley employer was honestly sad to see us go when the contract expired. We can be considered for re-hire in 90 days (this is The Way of The Valley) and might gladly accept another assignment with those good folks (at the right price, of course). Until then, let the summer games begin!

There is plenty of quality music scheduled for this summer with our musical employers who, for some reason, haven't tired of our recent stint of bleary-eyed drum boogie: we are thankful to Randy Craig (jazz), Maurice Tani (americana), Mitch Polzak (country and bluegrass), Jinx Jones (rock-a-billy), Todd Swenson (soul/r&b), Pam Brandon (blues/boogie), and Joe Goldmark (classic country) for their continued faith in our abilities to give the people what they want. Please check the gig calendar for show details. 

We've also heard rumors at the margarita machine we share with the folks at Van Niddy Press that Ken Owen has begun work on a book of haiku scheduled for release in the Fall. Upon hearing this news, we smiled politely, wished them good luck, and went back to our desks pondering how one identifies the pent up demand and market timing for releasing modern day haiku. We were stumped, but we wish them and you success in all your summer projects and adventures.

As always, thanks for supporting the arts!


Jack The Dog
Chief Operations Officer
Ken Owen on Drums™ (A wholly owned subsidiary of Van Niddy Music)