Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

September 2014

Summer is officially over, so we here at Ken Owen on Drums ™ think now is a perfect time to come out to your favorite local adult beverage lounge and show us your vacation pictures. We promise to act interested and not be jealous about your zip-lining adventure in the mountains of Peru and all those fruity drinks you had at the pool on The Big Island. Really, we're happy for you. After all, someone had to stay here and look after things until you got back (ps: sorry about the plants, and the cat was fine when I left, I swear).

The calendar continues to include our residence gigs with Randy Craig at The Marsh in Berkeley; Jinx Jones at The Saloon, Speisekammer, Tupelo, and Cafe Claude; Mitch Polzak at Blondie's; The Seducers at Best Little Porkhouse and The Rip Tide, and Big B. at Cheeseboard Pizza,  along with a few extra shows thrown in so we don't get complacent. As usual, something for everybody!

Hope to see you out and about supporting live music!



               Picture of The Month (redux)

"Ken Owen on Drums: Summer Intern Program"
               Ken Owen with Ms Ruby Juliet Leitner
                  Cheese Board Pizza, Berkeley 2014
                                 Photo by Kelly Leitner