Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

April 2015

March Music Madness was in full bloom last month (along with everything else), and it looks like there are plenty of good times scheduled on the April calendar to keep the party going if we can just quit sneezing long enough to enjoy them. If this season finds you Sneezy, Grumpy, and a little Dopey, we here at Ken Owen on Drums™ suggest you forgo a trip to your *O'Bama Care Clinic and go straight to your favorite climate controlled adult beverage lounge for some good old fashioned medication time. Remember: Breathe deep and say "Ahhhhh...just one more for the road!" 

(* We figure with his gift for the blarney, he must have been born in Belfast.)

Here is a list of some of our monthly residence gigs that should make it easy on your social scheduling as well as your pocket book (that's an old school term for where you keep your American Express Gold Card):

  • Soul and R&B with The Soul Delights @ Farleys, San Francisco, 3rd Wednesday
  • Western Swing with Big B and his Snake Oil Saviors @ Cheeseboard Pizza, Berkeley, last Fridays
  • Classic Country with The Seducers  @ The Rip Tide, San Francisco, 2nd Sunday
  • Jazz, Rock-a-Billy, and Surf with Jinx Jones @ Tupelo (first Friday), The Saloon (2nd Friday) in San Francisco, and Speisekammer, Alameda (3rd Friday)
  • Jazz with Randy Craig, Wednesdays @ The Marsh, Berkeley
  • Country and Rock-a-Billy with Mitch Polzak @ Blondie's, San Francisco, 1st Thursday
  • Blues and Country with Chris Ford @ The Saloon (3rd Thursday) and Pier 23 (3rd Saturday), San Francisco
Remember, nothing is permanent (said a poet in North Beach in 1959), so please check the gig calendar for details on each show of interest.

As always, thanks for supporting live music, and we'll look forward to seeing you out-and-about. We'll not only leave the neon light on for you, we'll bring extra Kleenex.


Jack The Dog
Chief Operations Officer
Ken Owen on Drums™ (A wholly owned subsidiary of Van Niddy Music)