Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

August 2014

Announcement: As the drought crisis in California continues with no end in sight, we here at Ken Owen on Drums ™ are doing our part by refraining from using ice cubes in any adult beverages until further notice, and we ask that you consider the same. "One small step for man", "it takes a village", "no drink left behind", etc..etc...

Happy to help.

With Randy Craig at The Marsh in Berkeley (6/6,20,27) and Jinx Jones at Cafe Claude in The City (6/13), Wednesday nights in August are officially "Jazz Night" on the calendar. Remember, good citizens, "Don't Fear The Bongos!"

There is plenty of good local live music to be had this summer, so let others make the mad dash out of town to sleep on the ground somewhere; it just means easier parking and more wiggle room for you on the dance floor!

Hope to see you out and about supporting live music!



               Picture of The Month

"Ken Owen on Drums Summer Intern Program"
               Ken Owen with Ms Ruby Juliet Leitner
                  Cheese Board Pizza, Berkeley 2014
                                 Photo by Kelly Leitner