Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

September 2015

"Times being what they are, I took the position."  -Professor Marvel

Yes friends, try as we might to fill our (and your) dance cards,  the revenue stream here at Ken Owen on Drums ™ was looking as dry a a California reservoir, so when Ken Owen, aka "The King of The Tip Jar Tub Thumpers", was offered a position in a cubicle drinking bad coffee and acting busy, he said "Sounds like a perfect fit!" And though he's had to let a few of the week night gigs sail off into the rock and roll sunset without him (purely for logistic and geriatric reasons), he is still making time for weekend expeditions into musical LooneyVille which you, of course, are prime members in good standing.

Though we've scaled back on quantity, there is still plenty of quality music to be made with fellow musical comrades Randy Craig (jazz), Maurice Tani (americana), Mitch Polzak (country and bluegrass), Big Daddy Jinx Jones (rock-a-billy), Todd Swenson (soul/r&b), Joe Goldmark (classic country), and Chris Ford (country and blues). Please check the gig calendar for details on these and other shows of interest.

As always, thanks for supporting live music, and remember:  every dollar spent tipping the band keeps a musician from putting on a tie at 7:00a.m. 


Jack The Dog
Chief Operations Officer
Ken Owen on Drums™ (A wholly owned subsidiary of Van Niddy Music)