Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

March 2015

Well, if the first two months are any indication of how the rest of the year will be, I’d suggest we’d better observe the ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ sign and pay attention, because it feels like the planets are shifting around our personal baggage in the over-head compartment at a feverish pace. But don't panic; it's nothing a calm, quiet mind can't handle - while you're flailing about like a whirling dervish on the dance floor of your favorite music venue - until the planets calm down and give us a happy landing.

(Note: a monthly astrology report is not in the making, but we here at Ken Owen on Drums™ might consider making ourselves and our magic 8-Ball available for parties. Send us a mental message with any requests. ps to Paul Olguin: I heard that, and you should be ashamed of yourself.)

Upon reviewing the gig calendar for March, we were taken with how unique the music scene is here in San Francisco, and we humbly submit the following examples as evidence:

Soul and R&B (The Soul Delights) and Blues (Captain Casual) in a coffee shop

Western Swing (Big B and his Snake Oil Saviors) in an organic pizzeria

Classic Country (The Seducers) in a surf bar near the ocean

Jazz and surf (Jinx Jones) at a bookstore

With the usual residence gigs with Randy Craig (jazz), Mitch Polzak (country,rock-a-billy), Chris Ford (blues/country), and a very special gig with jazz organist Robert Kennedy, we can look forward to a month where we can howl at the moon and use music, dancing, and laughter to get us through any planetary mis-alignment. Please check the gig calendar for details on each show.

As always, thanks for supporting live music, and a heartfelt thanks from our friends at Van Niddy Press to everyone who purchased their copy of Ken Owen's latest book 'I  (confessional)'. They say that sales went through the roof in the first two months (ok, it's more like a low ceiling), but still, thank you on behalf of starving bohemians everywhere! Remember, all of Ken's books are available for purchase at


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