Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

January 2015

Well folks, what do you say; once more with feeling?

We here at Ken Owen on Drums™ are not immune to the winds of change that seem to come this time each year. Sadly, we had to fire the guy in the corner office who spent all his time on Facebook and was missing his deadlines. Nice guy and all, but two martinis and a 60 comment argument on the merits of capitalism wasn't winning us any fans in the Socialist, uh, I mean social sandbox. I'm sure he'll land on his feet (he always does).

So while we plan our new distribution channels, please send your email address to and you'll be added to our good old fashioned mailing list for updates from Van Niddy Press (they tell us the new book

"I  (confessional)" by Ken Owen should be ready for orders by the end of the month), as well as late breaking gig headlines (no decoder ring required), juicy gossip from the bars on Grant Street, and 5-Star football bets (please note: The 1-800-Sur-Winr phone number has been disconnected by request of the ATF).

As is our custom, we are going to slowly ease into the New Year because at our age, timing is everything. Though this month's calendar looks a tad lite, be sure that we'll be out there making some cool jazz, rockin' rock-a-billy, and classic country, so come on out!

Thanks for supporting live music, or as we sometimes say, "Won't you come out and drink so a musician may eat?"


Jack The Dog

Chief Operations Officer

Ken Owen on Drums™ (A wholly owned subsidiary of Van Niddy Music)

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                                                     Jack The Dog

                                                     Summer 2014

                                                Photo by Ken Owen