Ken Owen on Drums

San Francisco Bay Area Drummer Ken Owen

Spring 2018


You've reached the official website of San Francisco Bay Area drummer Ken Owen. We're not available to take you call right now, but if you leave you name, number, and a brief message, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

Well, that worked for years, even though people knew the chances of me calling anyone back were slim-to-none (also a 'retro' expression). But while many things change, one thing seems to remain a constant in my part of The Universe: if you find yourself listening to live music in a venue with a tip jar, I'm probably somewhere nearby. 

I am currently on hiatus from my day job (their request, not mine) but I'm not complaining, and everyone was smiling when I left (sad in a happy way, I hope), and I am taking this opportunity to fill the calendar with more of everything including mini-vacations and, of course, gigs with my musical compatriots. Please check the Calendar tab at this site for more info.

And yes Virginia, there is another book in the works from the hack poet from South City. A brief chat with the folks in the Van Niddy Press Marketing Department has informed us that the original scheduled release for May has been 'recalibrated' (definitely not a 'retro term') for June. Look for the usual press release on Facebrag for dates and ordering info, and click here for Ken Owen's Book Store to fill any holes in your collection.

As always, thanks for supporting the arts!


Jack The Dog
Chief Operations Officer
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