Ken Owen on Drums

2019  Paul Griffiths  Just in Time

2019  Captain Casual  I've Got a Right to Cry

2019  Maurice Tani  This is It! (Live in Concert)

2018  Joe Goldmark  Blue Steel

2018  Mitch Polzak Two Sides to Every Story

2017  Jinx Jones  Jazz Trio 'Live'

2015  Craig and McGregor  Schemers' Boogie

2015  Jinx Jones Twang-Tastic

2014  The Keller Sisters  House of Cards

2014  Houston Jones  Minotaur

2013  Jim Bruno  The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

2013  Maurice Tani  and 77 El Deora  Blue Line (song writer)

2012  The Flying Salvias  Curious Bling

2012  The Keller Sisters  Shine

2011  Todd Novak Raspberry Moonshine

2011  Kit and The Branded Men  Kit and The Branded Men

2009  Derek Krough  Banjonator

2009  The Cowlicks Hey Hey We're The Cowlicks

2009  David Elias and The CasualTees  Live in San Gregorio

2008  Jim Campilongo  Almost Christmas

2007  Paul Taylor  No Place Like Home

2007 Joe Goldmark Seducing The 60's

2006  Big Lou's Polka Casserole  Doctors of Polka-ology

2004  Valerie Jay and The Americanos  Pacific Time

2003  Beth Robinson  Heart of a Hunter

2001  Joe Goldmark  Strong Like Bull (but sensitive like squirrel)

2000  Paul Taylor  Raised on Radio

2000  Jim Campilongo and The Ten Gallon Cats  Heavy

1999  Joe Goldmark  All Hat No Cattle

1999  Johnny Dilks and The Visitation Valley Boys  Acres of Heartache

1998  Kathi Goldmark and The Rock Bottom Remainders  Stranger Than Fiction

1997  The Rowan Brothers with Jim Campilongo and The Ten Gallon Cats  Remembering Kate Wolf

1997  Jim Campilongo and The Ten Gallon Cats  Loose

1996  Jim Campilongo and The Ten Gallon Cats  self-titled